Crazy ‘ol World

Every few minutes we pop open the soul of our hearts, searching, seeking for truth – truth in what purpose we are here for.

The truth is that knowledge envelopes our discovery, penetrating our minds, encouraging a deeper consciousness – the ephemeral, the untouchable.

We live in a world ruled by ‘intelligentsias’, some of them however complete nincompoops, so I see. Ruled through a system that defines our socio-political interactions and one which dictates what we should be and how to be that. It is argued this system can’t be foolishness, neither is it a disdain of the truth, nor is it the yearning of lost souls crying for recognition in history as ‘changers’.

The ability to critically evaluate a system, analyzing in depth what truth lies within, is a mark of a conscious mind searching the truth ………… is a discovery of the one thing that makes all the meaning to life – self-worth. This embodies a discovery of things special – joy, happiness, discovery and knowledge.

In searching for true meaning of life, sometimes we stumble on something and shout, ‘Alas! Now I see!!’

Down the road the human psyche considers this discovery as an illusion, an exaggerated perception of the truth, a distortion of what is real.

In journeying, we select from many, sieving through, yet not finding what we seek. However, when least expected, when thoughts are diverted to more mundane things, the ‘truth’ appears, not in disguise, nor in words from the pages of a book, but the truth is revealed in flesh and you say to yourself, ‘oh, so here lies the truth’. Again, you are not so sure. Even in the briefest of moments, you suspect it could be, but without a hint, confirmation is made through a deeper consciousness, without form.

True meaning is what you give back to the earth, to Mother Nature. The most gratifying of existence is that which is one with nature; pure simple life, enveloped in the basest of existence, purity, without the trappings of today’s modern society.

In many-a-ways, we have lost so many years wandering the paths of destruction, yet we are kept alive for this purpose – to find that path which would release oneself from within – that path that would lead you through the paths of self-discovery.

Being human, we interpret these deep emotions through our bodies, our thoughts, our adventures, supported by what society deems as normal and acceptable.
This crazy ol’ world, which we seek to rule and control!  We are challenged by expectations of ourselves, of people, gracing the paths of life with experiences most exciting, rewards most enjoyable, results most comforting; yet we see a cycle of things repeating itself, of paths once walked, journeys once made, monies being lost and made, young ones being born, burying the old, and living through the moments.

The excitement of Obama has come and has been recorded as his-tory – now we continue the journey of expectations, of will to achieve, to give back what we have gained from the world. Isn’t it ironic how life repeats itself? We have lived the experience of seeing a black man take power of the world’s greatest nation, of a set of people who once upon a time attempted to subdue the will of the black race in that part of the world.

Crazy ol’ world!!! We live daily, ruled by political forces who have educated us in believing that a society without rules and order is doomed. I agree, albeit with the knowledge that the system has brainwashed me from birth to accept that a society without order is doomed to failure and lack. They call this civilization. I agree!!!

Crazy ol’ world!!  A world where my choice is told me it is mine, but I have to apply it within a set of rules. Crazy ol’ world, a world where those that govern tell me what is right, wrong and acceptable. A western civilisation where the once unacceptable has been grafted into law and so is politically correct. Crazy ol’ world – I am vexed by the notion that my voice can no longer be heard in truth, except if ladled with politically-correct jargon.

So, where lies the freedom we thought we had earned through our forefathers’ visionary dictates. Is it any wonder therefore that I view the recent happenings in the world, from the increased terror- through the folly of Bush, to the election of Obama, with trepidation and uncertainty?

Crazy ol’ world!! Hopefully, someday, we shall retrace our steps and in the words of Benjamin Franklin, ‘Great good nature without prudence is a great misfortune’, we shall learn to account for every action we take, thereby conducting our ways by dictates of reason and in obedience to the cardinal virtues of faith, hope and love.

First published on the 13th of November 2008

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