Marriage – A very Unique Union

One thing people must understand is that in reality, there’s NO textbook approach to having a happy and long lasting marriage ~ individuals differ, circumstances differ, the conditions under which the marriage was consummated differ.  One of the basic premise of relationship is on what foundation was/is the relationship laid on?

There have been reports of spouses killing the other…you wonder how come? Situations where a spouse has lost his/her mojo and become a shivering wreck. In a union between two people, the physical, psychological/emotional, social and economic aspects of life comes to play within that home.

Marriage is like a merger: the culture, in this case, the behavioural tendencies of the other , including their psychological and social perceptions, must be analysed early on. You may have a potential psycho in your hands but don’t know it. Staying on in a terribly unhappy marriage should be a NO-NO.

For all single ladies and single men looking to be married,  just remember it aint a STAY OR DIE affair.

Marriage is a very unique union and I’ve come to realise you need a high level of good luck to find the right person that is ready to go through the thick of it with you. It’s not perfect, the ability to work things out depends on the nature and character of the partner and how far the other is ready to sacrifice. But if you end up with a VIOLENT, VINDICTIVE,  AGGRESSIVE AND PSYCHOLOGICALLY-CRAZED INDIVIDUAL, no matter how much you love and give love, sometimes it aint going to work.  Just pray you don’t end up in a body bag.

Conclusion: There is no exact text book approach to a happy longlasting marriage. No two are the same.  Do right by your partner and pray that the good luck smiles down at you.