Lorenzo’s Art and Lifestyle World provides a unique and modern blend of Art & Craft, Lifestyle choices and vibrant living fit for the 21st century lady and gent.

We bring together on one platform, Art works from upcoming African artists from across the world, showcasing their diverse talents which represent their various cultures and heritage. Throughout the year, we shall exhibit their artworks online and in locations across the UK. Such works will include paintings, sculptures, textile designs, jewellery and a host of other products.

We aim to provide for the trendy and sophisticated ladies and gentlemen, objet d’art which would gracefully adorn any home or office.

Our vision is to drive a lifestyle that meets the demands of today’s urban life through showcasing tips on easy-to-make meals, health drinks and smoothies.

Our Blog page features some very interesting stories which challenge our everyday thinking, allowing us to venture into unknown territories, helping us get through the challenges of modern day living.

Most items featured can also be purchased from our online Shop.


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