Explore Your World!

Beautiful Antalya, Turkey. This historical city has so many attractions. Located on Anatolia’s southwest coast, it is one of the most visited tourist destinations outside of the Aegean region, with great views of the Mediterranean and the Taurus Mountains.

Adventure – A Way of Life!

At Lorhues, adventure is a way of life!! In Timişoara, nicknamed the ‘Little Vienna’, we stumbled on a beautiful piece of baroque ceramic pottery in an old man’s shop in the Elisabetin district of the Old city of Romania. The pottery had been discovered in the loft of an old mansion which had been abandoned for more than seven decades. On valuation back in London, it was said to be no less than 120 years old!

The old city in Timişoara has many buildings from the Austrian Empire era. Some beautiful buildings in Unirii Square (the old Baroque Square).

Have fun!

Travelling and seeing new places, meeting new and interesting people and learning new cultures can be refreshing.

At a Drinks festival in Cologne, Germany
At a Christmas Festival in Strasbourg, France

Be Creative!

Like many of you, sometimes meeting the complex demands of today’s everyday living can be exhausting. I have found that being creative, having the ability to conceptualise new ideas and putting these ideas to play help in maintaining both physical and mental health. Maryia Viarkhusha also suggests these 10 activities  to help boost one’s creative thinking and lifestyle in order to enjoy a healthier life balance.

Build beautiful memories. Oftentimes when travelling in Europe and other parts of the world for holiday or on behalf of my clients, I have come across some absolute gem in old and tired-looking antique shops. Don’t be deceived, some of these little back-alley shops are like treasure troves!!

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