Meet the Author

I’ve always had a huge passion for traveling, exploring new cultures and seeing how people interact with one another and with their local environment.

Living in an increasingly urbanised and global world means many old traditions and cultures are being lost and so it is interesting finding ways to preserve certain aspects of our various societies’ way of life.

This interest extends to the foods of the world, various local traditions including clothing worn on special occasions such as marriages and festivals.

Over the years, I have collected, restored and sold various antiques including vintage clothing. I find ways of blending the old with the new, bringing the vintage to the urban domain.

From restorations of old wooden objects through to redefining the shabby chic culture by using colours and capturing the rustique look, I have sought to revive memories of my childhood back in the ’70s and ’80s.

On my travels, I explore wonderful cities and villages, interact with the locals, savouring their foods and drinks, picking up bits of history from their local shops and street markets.

Lorhues is about the old meeting the new. I write about my travels across the world, about lifestyle choices, the art and fashion.

Hope you enjoy visiting this site.

Feel free to reach out for enquiries or any business interests you may have.


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