You are driving and you come across a roundabout and have three options: indicate your exit and follow through, stay put where you are, for as long as you want, until you can figure out where the heck to go or continue on your journey, taking a chance and if you discover you’d taken the wrong turn, retrace your route until you get it right.

The problem with the second option is not only will you upset other road-users, you could cause an accident if remaining immobile for a bit longer than necessary.

On both second and third options, time is indeed wasted and you might just look like a right old pillock!! GREAT!!! And mind you, Satnavs do make errors!!!

Okay, having said that, the second option shows a high level of indecision, which in many instances leads to failure.

Failure due to inaction!

Quite often we find ourselves in the roundabouts of life, unsure of which way to go and what decisions will take us on the right journey. We hesitate, procrastinate on very important life-changing decisions. It is crucial that when you do get on that roundabout, you take one decision and get on with it. Yes you may go the wrong way, as in option three, but you do have an opportunity to try again until you get it right. Consider it an opportunity to learn something new! The second option shouldn’t be an option really because you stand to go nowhere.


He who never acts never learns!!! Get off the roundabout of life and move on!!!


Author: Lorenzo

Adventurous, love traveling, very much into visiting Art Galleries, Antique shops and Museums. I enjoy the thrills of meeting new people, learning about different cultures and belief systems. Avid reader of suspense and thriller books. Enjoy cooking and trying out world foods and drinks.

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