The Classic Man

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The Classic Man

As the saying goes, “The eyes might be the window to the soul, but shoes are the window to just about everything else”.

I remember some years ago walking into a shop and picking up a bottle of the Original Old Spice Aftershave. Why? I needed to be reminded of that distinctive classic masculine smell, the smell of the man’s man, when men didn’t smell like girls.

Today’s Classic man is like Old Spice, exudes masculinity and distinctive. He has been around and knows the game.

The Retro look, from Shoes to Socks, cries confidence.

Be distinctive!!!



Author: Lorenzo

Adventurous, love traveling, very much into visiting Art Galleries, Antique shops and Museums. I enjoy the thrills of meeting new people, learning about different cultures and belief systems. Avid reader of suspense and thriller books. Enjoy cooking and trying out world foods and drinks.

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