From ‘The Chameleon’

“……It was close to midnight, the docks looked deserted. A solitary figure walked down the darkened alley, body leaning against the roughness of the walls that felt like thorns from the bushes of the tiny village of Andakka in the hills of the Sebian valleys.
His mind flashed back to the night before, at the meeting with Lionel. ‘What am I thinking?’, the lonely figure asks himself. Surely carrying out this act would bring him untold millions. But the repercussions, should he fail, will be huge.
He got to the end of the alley. With the binoculars, he sighted two figures walking on the banks of the waters, with what looked like submachine guns, perhaps UMP45s.
He stepped out from the darkness of the alley, and as he turned to release the contents of the sack, he felt the tip of a hard metal to the side of his head and a dangerously deep voice said, ‘Don’t move or I’ll blow your brains out and feed it to the dogs. We have been expecting you, Mr. Chameleon’………”

Excerpt from “The Chameleon” ~ Lorenzo Cupenzo, 2013